A Brand New Camaro ZL1 is Already out there Setting Records!

Ever since the beginning of drag racing, there’s always been a race to be the ...

Ever since the beginning of drag racing, there’s always been a race to be the fastest. However, there’s an argument to be made that the internet, the device that has brought so much more information into your pocket, has brought that competition to an all new level. Now, not only can you compete with people right in town, but you can compete with individuals and other shops from across the country and the world. When it comes to new cars getting released, that means that shops can go back and forth in an exciting journey to try and push these things to new limits, claiming their territory as the first to carry out a certain feat shortly after a new car hits the streets.

This time, it’s RPM Motorsports straight out of North Carolina that’s rocking down the drag strip in a brand-new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. When hooked up with a couple of key modifications like aftermarket heads, a cam, a pulley, and a set of headers, the car is able to blast its way down the quarter mile drag strip to some impressive passes. With these passes, the Camaro became the fastest ZL1 in the game, knocking on the door of the Dodge Demon. It would be incredibly interesting to see what would happen if they threw this thing in the mix with Mopar’s most impressive machine to date.

Check out the video down below as YouTuber, John Doc, gives us a rundown on exactly what to expect from this wild ride. After hearing the simple steps that have made this car what it has become today, we get the opportunity to see the machine ripping its way down the track in Charlotte at Street Car Takeover, taking names and setting records! It’ll be interesting to see how far RPM Motorsports is able to push this car with simple modifications like the ones that you see here!

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