Cars vs Semi Trailers – Side Underride Crashes Are Absolutley Brutal

In this day and age, every single new car that rolls on the roadways has been tested ...

In this day and age, every single new car that rolls on the roadways has been tested over and over again with a variety of different measures to make sure that it has a minimum level of safety that will carry you to and from wherever you need to go without having to worry as much about getting majorly injured should you get into an accident.

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Now, the cars of today might be a lot safer than the cars of a couple of decades ago but, even under certain circumstances, there aren’t enough safety measures in the world at this point in time to realistically make every car indestructible and completely safe in every situation.

This time, we check out a crash test demonstration that has cars barreling their way into the side of a semi truck trailer and the damage is absolutely brutal! Long story short, even if you have one of the highest safety rated cars on the road, I probably wouldn’t want to get tied up in a situation like this.

Ride along with the insane crash testing demonstration down in the video below and let us know what you think of this wild sequence of events that leaves these cars battered and bruised to the fullest extent! This most certainly is not a situation that you’re ever going to want to end up in!

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