Start Em Young! Dad Completely Decked out a Power Wheels Trailer Combo and it’s About the Details

Straight out of the box, Power Wheels toys and other similar miniaturized vehicles ...

Straight out of the box, Power Wheels toys and other similar miniaturized vehicles designed for your youngster are pretty neat little rigs. Whoever originally thought of that idea is probably sitting on a complete gold mine right now and we can see why because these little cars, trucks, and other vehicles are definitely something that most parents would probably be ready to get their kids involved with, especially when it comes to the gear-headed parents that probably are the ones who end up on the site. This time, however, dad has gone a little bit overboard!

To some, they might not understand exactly why this is awesome but if you are into the whole scene of sutomobiles then, you’ll know exactly why this is so awesome. In this one, we check out a Power Wheels Ford F-150 that we wouldn’t be surprised to hear is modified as it pulls behind it a complete car trailer, designed for one of their miniature cars, of course. The trailer isn’t just any old thing that you could buy at a retail store, either. Instead, it looks like dad has taken it upon himself to completely create this thing from scratch or maybe repurpose a different trailer to bring this one together. To top it all of, it’s even complete with its own set of functioning lights!

Check out the ever so impressive truck and trailer combination down in the video below that will have this youngster having a great time as well as being on his way to learning all about how to use a trailer safely. These are the kinds of things that people my age wish that we had around more commonly when we were kids. I would imagine that this youngster is about to have a complete blast with this new toy!

Ok here it is done minus and actual trailer plug I need to go pick up. All on a switch. Wires tucked and pretty. Any questions I'll be glad to answer. Not that I've gone to college for this crap but I do have decent ideas lol

Posted by Todd Wasielewski on Thursday, September 21, 2017

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